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Also that Hegel quote emphasizes his view that God is all that is. This “being” of God is not a mere abstraction but rather has content and thus is at the same time a becoming. God is Being insofar as he is Becoming.

Also that quote Hegel critiques Spinoza for understanding God as absolute substance but not absolute spirit. Anyone know what he means by that?

[In Spinoza] The world has no true reality, and all this that we know as the world has been cast into the abyss of the one identity. There is therefore no such thing as finite reality, it has no truth whatever; according to Spinoza what is, is God, and God alone. Therefore the allegations of those who accuse Spinoza of atheism are the direct opposite of the truth; with him there is too much God. They say: if God is the identity of mind and nature, then nature or the individual man is God. This is quite correct, but they forget that nature and the individual disappear in this same identity; and they cannot forgive Spinoza for thus annihilating them. Those who defame him in such a way as this are therefore not aiming at maintaining God, but at maintaining the finite and the worldly; they do no fancy their own extinction…

Hegel, ‘Lectures on the History of Philosophy, vol. III’

Yes, in Hegel’s lesser logic he talks about how those who accuse Spinoza: 
"the world is determined in the Spinozist system as a mere phenomenon without genuine reality, so that this system must rather be seen as acosmism. At the very least, a philosophy that maintains that God, and only God, is, should not be passed off as atheism” (page 97 of Lesser Logic)

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Also God for Hegel is the Being of the Concept. The Concept is achieved through the passage of thought, but that does not make God thought, for God is not merely thought..

I was listening to this professor talk about Hegel’s conception of God I found problematic, insofar as he claimed God is not Being for Hegel, but in fact God is Being insofar as his being-there does not contradict the Concept, or what is infinite and universal, what mediates itself through itself, thus sublating mediation and allowing itself to become infinite. This is how the logic proceeds: thought takes itself as its own object, allowing us to know the Absolute, for our logical thought is no longer dealing merely with the finite but rather with the infinite containing the finite [this is when Being passes to Essence (the negation of being through finitude) in its journey to Spirit, which is defined as a deepening of Being]. For Hegel God is infinite and gains content through itself. To ascribe Being to a person or animal or thing other than God is to fail to encompass this finitude through universality and necessity, which can only be attained through God.

Also, God isn’t thought, though that seems to be a way of interpreting all of that. Thought takes itself as its own object, allowing us to reason and know the truth of God’s existence. Thought is the tool of humanity’s being in-and-for itself but that is not the being in-and-for itself of God. Thought can grasp the Truth, but it cannot be the truth, because only God has being. 

I’m reading Hegel’s lesser logic right now and I’ll probably read the greater logic next, and I’m surprised at some of this and have found the basis for the critique of Hegel in this text.

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