When will you be there again? Paths might cross in Greece if you’re gonna be around that way

I’m getting to Belgium September 11th and now I’m trying to make plans to visit people.

Which of my European friends/followers want me to visit them while I’m in Europe?



The Real Linda Lovelace

*Linda Boreman Marchiano/ “Linda Lovelace” did take a polygraph test and “everything she said checked out” - Gloria Steinem

I cant believe the audience is laughing

(via the-hairy-heterophobe)

If you try flirting with me, please never, EVER send me unsolicited videos of your puckering anus. Thanks.

I need to scope out scholarships and fellowships across Europe to apply for next year. If anyone has experience with this, it would be nice to chat.

Today I had conversations in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

I didn’t realize monogamy is so out of style with the radikewl queers nowadays. 

I have a strong guilty complex that comes out especially considering my life depends on the mass exploitation of billions of living things.

My French tutor was very against affirmative action.